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Our Team

Flynn & Associates, Inc. provides over 50 years of combined experience and training in the field of law enforcement and forensic investigation. Our licensed field investigators employ the latest specialized techniques and equipment to provide the most accurate and reliable investigation possible.

Curtis Flynn

In 1994 Mr. Flynn founded Flynn & Associates, Inc., a firm specializing in Forensic Traffic Accident Reconstruction Consulting and Special Investigations.  Mr. Flynn has been providing expert testimony for over 32 years in the field of motor vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Forensic analysis. Mr. Flynn has been offered and accepted as an Expert testifying in a variety of County, State, and Federal Courts throughout the United States.

In addition, drawing on his years of experience and training in the field of Homicide and Forensic investigations, Mr. Flynn routinely provides expert consultation and testimony in the fields of both Homicide investigation as well as forensic evidence analysis procedures. 

John Flynn

Mr. Flynn is an expert in human factors engineering as well as an A.C.T.A.R accredited accident reconstructionist.  Mr. Flynn specializes in how human performance is affected by factors such as distraction, fatigue, driver behavior, perception-reaction time, and impairment.  Mr. Flynn applies his expertise in the areas of forensic accident reconstruction, and workplace design and safety.

In addition, Mr. Flynn conducts fixed fee preliminary expert analysis for motor vehicle accidents which do not ordinarily require a full scale Accident Reconstruction.

Lidia Flynn

With over 14 years of experience, Lidia Flynn is a fully licensed investigator, who conducts general investigations for attorneys, insurance companies and private entities throughout Texas and New Mexico. Lidia supervises and performs witness location services and is capable of conducting interviews in both English and Spanish.

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