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Our staff utilizes the most advanced equipment, ranging from high-speed computer engineering technology, to the most sophisticated Total Station laser survey equipment. This allows the expert team at Flynn & Associates to quickly gather vast amounts of data to allow accurate documentation of accident scenes and vehicles providing them with critical components to accurately reconstruct a virtual accident scene.

Using data collected from the laser scanner, our team is able to develop highly detailed 3D models for analysis providing the most accurate and cost effective

traffic accident analysis available.  Our in-house, three-dimensional animation capability provides for affordable real time viewing of even the most complicated accident scenarios from an almost limitless array of perspectives. Our team is able to use these 3D environments to take measurements, create predictability simulations, take position in the eyes of the drivers, gain different perspectives from different angles, and much more.

Through the use of a variety of scaled courtroom exhibits, photographs and even real time 3-D Animations produced in-house, Flynn & Associates, Inc. is able to effectively display to the jury a graphic depiction of even the most complicated series of events taking place in an accident.

Sometimes, a ground-eye view simply isn’t enough. By utilizing our aerial drone we’re capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos from a unique aerial vantange point.

The images our drone is able to capture can be used to analyze topographical details, or perhaps even discover something that was not clearly visible from the ground.

Flynn & Associates has been providing full service accident reconstruction and forensic investigations throughout the United States since 1994

Our team provides over 50 years of combined experience and training in the field of law enforcement and forensic investigation. Our licensed field investigators employ the latest specialized techniques and equipment to provide the most accurate and reliable investigation possible.

Through continuous advancements in training and new technology, our team remains at the leading edge of the accident reconstruction and forensic investigation industry.